Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Be Gracious

So I'm sure this whole "one word for the year" concept has reached most of you by now. The premise is simple, chose a word you want to embody for the coming year and dedicate your efforts to achieving that goal. I wish I could say I chose my word {okay, mine is really more of a command} but despite my mental protests {Why? Towards whom? Is this about my mother?} the same two words kept pressing on my soul.

Be gracious.

At first, I thought I could ignore this silent command. After all, if I can have a conversation with myself I can certainly block myself out, right? Wrong! The more I turned to run, the more the command commanded my attention. Funny how that works.

So I'm embracing this not so subtle cue from The Man and doing my darnedest to "be gracious". I'm still not exactly sure of the scope of this pursuit. So instead of picking it apart in an analytical fury {like I almost always do} I'm just giving myself, for lack of a better word, grace. Grace to sit with this and let it steep. Grace to focus more on others and less on myself. Grace to wait rather than to react. I'm throwing off the "tyranny of the should" and holding on mind, body and soul to the conviction that my loving Father has prepared enough, provided enough, planned enough....affording me this time to "be gracious".

And because The Man knows how much I appreciate the celestial nudge. I encountered this as today's daily devotional verse. Well played Sir, well played.
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