Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dollar Store Scores

I'm feeling confessional: I'm a Dollar Store addict. I'm also partial to the Dollar Tree. As long as every product in the store is $1 or under, I'm interested! Here's a brief rundown of my favorite scores:

Children's books are a great deal, they make an excellent addition to a baby shower gift and are a wonderful way to fill up your little one's library without breaking the bank. And let's face it, most of those $10 a pop toddler books are going to get scribbled on, chewed and torn. Paying a buck for them makes their demise a little more tolerable. And on this recent trip, I even found an adorable seal shaped cold/hot compress hiding among the books. Win, win!

Another great find are Thank You card packs. These 8-10 card packs would run you around $4 at the big box stores. While some of the "artwork" on these dollar store cards are less than desirable {unless you happen to love kittens planting tulips} it IS possible to find a basic card that gets the job done {and looks good while doing it}.

My absolute favorite of all Dollar Store finds is the pregnancy test! When you are TTC {that's trying to conceive, folks} all you want to do is pee on a stick every morning. When those sticks cost $7 bucks a pop, it can really add up! In my experience, the Dollar Store pregnancy tests are just as effective as their more expensive counterparts. I had a Dollar Store pregnancy test show a positive result 8 days before the first missed day of my cycle! Seriously, I love these little buggers so much that I'm going to start making TTC gift baskets with a dozen tests and some Barry White for good measure.

Now we still have to maintain focus, sometimes everything isn't worth a buck {that's where they get ya!}. You won't see me stocking up on toothpaste or air freshener at the Dollar Store because I can get those for free with coupons elsewhere {coupon tutorial is imminent}.

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  1. I am also addicted to the Dollar Tree and also the $1 bin at Target! Thanks for sharing your finds. It's always exciting to see what you can get for next to nothing!


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