Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy Nursery Art

*Please excuse the picture quality in this post. Hubs gave me a fancy camera and let's just say we're "taking some time to establish a good foundation".

Art is very important to us and we wanted to make sure to incorporate an art wall into baby Eli's nursery. Saving money is ALSO important to us so we needed a way to come up with meaningful, beautiful, art on the cheap. Enter hand-me-down books.

We love the Eric Carle books and we were lucky enough to have been given several as baby shower gifts. In addition, the lovely ladies at Hub's work have continued to donate hand-me-down clothes and books throughout these past 4 months {appreciate ya!}. Eric Carle's ABC book made it's way home to us and because we already had a copy, I tucked it away in the pile to be passed along to the next newborn we meet.

But this morning as I stared at the empty frames on Eli's art wall, I couldn't help but wonder if I could incorporate the hand-me-downs into well loved art. After silently deliberating to myself the ungratefulness of destroying a beloved book, I realized that this particular book had been well loved. Observing the doodles and tears from the previous owner, I decided I could turn each page into adorable art instead.

So let the tutorial begin!

Score a cheap frame at The Dollar Tree or Ikea {I used this one}

Find a book on the cheap {try and use a well loved one so the book gods don't take offense} and remove your favorite page.

Use the original mat board that comes with the frame as a template to create a frame from pretty scrapbook paper {I used a pencil to trace the lines and an Xacto knife to cut but scissors work just as well}.

Assemble and hang that baby! Pretty easy peasy, right?

P.S. I liked the final result so much that the next time I'm at Ikea, I'll pick up some extra frames so that I can make more nursery art to pass along to other precious bambinos.

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