Monday, January 7, 2013

The Story of Us

Let's call this a little virtual first date, a "Howdy-do" for the interwebs:

 I grew up in Cornbread County, not literally but you get my drift. A Southern born and raised girl, I spent the first half of my life living a dual life as a country girl with a city sensibility. My parents, two New York transplants had their hopes set on raising a family in the idyllic plains of Oklahoma but reality set in when they discovered that back country schools leave much to be desired. To compromise, they raised my sister and I in the heartland of Oklahoma but sent us to a fancy schmancy Montessori in the city. We had the best of both worlds: diversity by day and fireflies before bed. I can walk with a book on my head, wax poetic on the necessity of a properly set table and milk a cow. Yep.

The summer of my 6th grade year we moved to Texas, North Dallas to be exact. There's a funny little expression known by most Texas transplants: "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could". I wasn't born here but I couldn't agree more, I love the Lone Star state and I'm proud to call Texas home.

Michael or Hubs as I affectionately call him, is truly my better half. There is no false modesty involved when I tell you he is absolutely a better person than me. When Michael and I began dating in 2007 he explained his transition from a career as a blue collar trucker to law student quite simply: he wanted a job that could provide for his future family. He wanted the security to provide for his wife to stay home with the kids (if that's what SHE wanted to do). Michael is the consummate provider, he takes out the trash, cleans up the kitchen (I'm a messy cook) and brings home the bacon (literally and figuratively). Michael is the first in line to help a neighbor or a stranger and he is also a comedic genius (ok...he made me say that last bit) but in all reality he is very much my knight in shining armor and he's pretty easy on the eyes too.

We welcomed our first born, a deliciously sweet baby boy to the world on September 10, 2012 and we are officially head over heels. He is the best thing we have ever done and I am overjoyed to be his mom. We're expecting our next son this summer and we're over the moon with becoming a family of four!

Whew! That's us in a did we get in this nutshell? Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself.

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