Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts {that won't break the bank}

Love is in the air ya'll! While Valentine's Day is often lamented as a holiday conspiracy devised by Hallmark, the truth is that Valentine's Day is an official feast day observed in celebration of Saint Valentine. As a child I was taught that Saint Valentine ministered to persecuted Christians and was imprisoned for performing weddings to soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Today, we celebrate by exchanging tokens of affection to those we love.

So without further ado, I've compiled a few gifts that may tickle your fancy. While flowers and chocolates are always a welcomed Valentine gift in my opinion, it never hurts to think outside the heart-shaped box. And since I like to focus on the meaning of Saint Valentine's Day, {and not the measure} all of these gifts are under $25 smackaroos!

For the lovely lady in your life {who doesn't fancy an unnecessary necessary?} this tasseled key chain is as beautiful as it is functional. Maybe if I had one of these I wouldn't misplace my keys? Well, a girl can dream...

For the guy or gal "on the go" this reusable porcelain cup is a wonderful way to carry coffee or tea. I've had mine for years and it's still my go-to!

For the baby Valentine in your life, this precious bedtime prayer book is a wonderful way to introduce children to God's love for His creation. After all, we love because Christ loved first! And since I read this to my little love I can attest to the quality of the book {sturdy hardboard pages} and concise Christian principles {that don't take more than a minute to read, double bonus for tired new parents}.

Finally, for the football fan, nothing says " I love you" more than grilling for your sweetie {or is that just a Cornbread House rule?}. In any event, your sweetie will appreciate gearing up for game day while sporting his favorite team. {Bear Down!}.

Hope this helped!
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