Friday, February 8, 2013

Honeymoon Memories

 We were blessed by my parents with the generous gift of a honeymoon trip to Mexico and we quickly fell in love with the country and her people. As we both hail from {mostly} landlocked regions, the beach was our favorite spot. While we were fortunate to have a VIP ocean side cabana reserved for us every morning, the majority of my time was spent in the surf. The warmth of the cerulean blue waters comforts me like nothing else can. True to my Piscean nature, I am most content in the sea.

 Unknowingly, we arrived at the height of sea turtle nesting season. Every morning we were greeted with the impressive sand tracks left by mammoth sea turtles as they made their ascent to the shore. One particularly romantic night as we danced on the sand to the rhythm of the crashing waves, we were startled by a mama sea turtle making her way onto the beach. In silent awe we froze, not wanting to scare her we stood in complete stillness and watched as she made her incredible summit. She struggled for over an hour to reach the sand and we were mesmerized by the arcs of sand as her fins dug a nest for her dozens of eggs. Once she had returned to the sea we reverently made our way back to the hotel. That moment was magic and I will never forget it!

The sea offered us countless treasures. Some were inspiring like the giant sand dollar that made its way in between my toes as I stood in the low tide. Others exhilarating, like finding clumps of seaweed tucked into my swimsuit after surviving an especially brutal wave. Each treasure was victoriously carried back to our room and on our last night we saved a few handfuls of sand to take back with us. I had planned to turn the largest apothecary jar from the candy buffet at our wedding into a memory keepsake and I knew the collection of shells, driftwood, seaweed and sand would serve as a perfect reminder of our honeymoon.

Almost four years later, my heart still flutters when I catch a glimpse of our "honeymoon jar". I love that every piece has a story. Whenever I'm feeling in need of a break, I lift the jar's lid and breathe in deep. The aroma of the surf and the memory of our young love and the hope we shared for our future instantly revives me and lifts my spirits.
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