Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Make Money with Coupons

 Here's another tip of coupon savvy: save every "Try Me Free" coupon you find. Even if you don't use the product, the item advertised can quickly turn into a money maker deal when paired with a store sale. I save all the coupons that offer a free product and carry them with me in my wallet, you can use the coupon to meet your item minimum {tutorial on that is coming, it gets a little tricky} or better yet use it to score the free item AND earn money back.

That's exactly what I did to score this free Schick 5 blade razor. Since razors usually are on sale with a rewards buck incentive after purchase, I knew it was only a matter of time before a sweet deal came around. Less than a week after I clipped the coupon, CVS offered a $4 Extracare bucks incentive for purchasing the razor. Even if you use a coupon that makes the item free, their Extracare bucks offer still applies to your purchase.

Now the point of "Couponing" isn't to stock up on items you don't need, it's about living abundantly in these less than stellar economic times. So while my husband will use this razor, we have a donation shelf in our stockpile for all the items we won't put to good use and a very well stocked guest closet for anyone who stays at Casa Cornbread. I love making "blessing bags" for local shelters with the free or trial sized items I've amassed and I especially love when something in my stockpile is useful for someone else. 

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