Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Upcycle Formula Tubs to Stylish Storage

My Father-in-law {The Chief} is a fan of recycling, he can rattle off plastic recycling codes like poetry and re-purpose used containers like a full-time job. Inspired by his love of making something out of nothing, I couldn't bear to part with the plastic formula tubs we had amassed since Eli's birth.

Finally, after realizing I had devoted an entire kitchen cabinet to formula tubs {and kitchen real estate ain't cheap} I decided it was time to get my "Chief" hat on. And since saving money is my cup of tea, I was tickled pink to discover that I already owned all the craft supplies I would need to turn these tubs into functioning members of my storage arsenal.

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

Enfamil containers or durable plastic tubs
Patterned Contact Paper
Spray Paint

First I gave those tubs a good scrubbing. After letting them dry, I removed the lids {being careful not to break the plastic stick hinges} and sprayed them down with black spray paint. I did not spray the inside of the lids because I want to use these for food storage for items in the pantry {like chocolate} that I want to have on hand but don't want staring back at me.

Next, I used the grid on the back of the contact paper to measure out a strip to cover the container. My containers ended up being just over 5 inches tall. The next step is to peel off the wax paper backing on the contact paper, stick it on the container and buff out the air bubbles as you wrap it around the tub. I had lofty ideas of notching out the spot for the hinges for a completely flush wrap job but in the end it was easier to wrap it and then cut around the hinges.

After cutting off the excess length I slapped the lids back on these babies and called it done. While you can certainly use craft paper and modge podge instead of contact paper, I loved how using what I had on hand meant my newly minted tubs would match my contact paper lined pantry shelves. Contact paper also has an easy to clean, water resist surface so that's a plus in my book.

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