Thursday, March 14, 2013

Drink Your Greens:Green Monster Smoothie

I've always loved a fresh glass of green juice but this week a friend introduced me to a delicious and easy green smoothie. It's a perfect intro to drinking green as it doesn't require a fancy juicer to make.

Drinking green juice has long been touted by health gurus like Jack Lalanne {I own and highly recommend his juicer} and Dr. Oz. Green juice is packed with chlorophyll which lowers acidity and balances your pH, serves as an anti-aging antioxidant and reduces inflammation while helping your body detox. Pretty neat, right?

Green Monster Smoothie

1 cup of milk {Almond or Coconut works great too}
1 handful of well washed fresh spinach {Organic is best}
1 banana

Blend the milk and spinach first to form the green base and then add the banana and pulse to incorporate. Pour into a glass and sip away. This is a seriously delicious {don't let the green color scare you} and healthful drink that will do your body good!
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  2. I'm going to try it!! ... especially because it doesn't require a juicer (which I'm currently debating on getting, but only if I'm really going to use it). I guess this recipe can be my intro do juicing :)

    1. You will love this! It tastes fresh but not like you're eating grass. I don't regret my juicer at all but it does take up a lot of space!


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