Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Personalized Easter Basket

As promised, here's the tutorial for making an adorable keepsake Easter basket for your little bunny!

 I love dreaming of our future with Eli and planning for family traditions like greeting Eli on Easter morning with an Easter basket full of goodies. A keepsake Easter basket is a small but meaningful way to show Eli how much I love him and a great excuse for me to break out the craft supplies!

Basket {I used this one}
Craft Paint in assorted colors
Craft paint brushes

First, I coated the entire basket with two thin layers of white paint. I am the most impatient "artist" so waiting for the base coats to dry was an excruciating but absolutely necessary step in order to keep the additional accent colors from bleeding into the background.

While waiting for the base coat to dry I decided to paint the top rim of the basket with blue paint and create accents by alternating white and green dots.

 In case you don't have a a stiff dotting brush or are too lazy/cheap to buy one like me, just use scissors to cut a blunt end to a small bristled paint brush. Good, fast and cheap IS possible Mr. Joe Bennett!

Next up was a round of painting eggs and grass. After playing around with a few different ways to write Eli's name, I settled on a whimsical mix of bold and fancy and painted away.

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