Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Clean Your Diet: Healthful Ingredient Substitutions

Spring is here! While this season is great for cleaning up our closets, it’s also the perfect time to make a fresh start with our health. Committing to a healthful lifestyle isn’t all bran muffins and vitamins. I use these easy substitutes in my home and you can to!

Moove Over Milk: While dairy can do a body good, it can also cause inflammation and digestive problems {especially as we age}. And since commercialized milk is often full of hormones and ultra pasteurized, it no longer packs the benefits our grandmas told us about. Almond and coconut milk provide healthful milk replacements with a fraction of the fat and double the protein. And coconut Greek yogurt tastes so good you’ll think you’re getting away with something.

Time for an Oil Change: Olive oil can do wonderful things to a caprese salad but since is has a medium smoke point {the temperature past which the oil becomes unhealthy and full of free radicals} this oil is best left to salads and unheated dishes. Coconut oil is a great alternative as it touts a higher smoke point and can be safely used at temperatures up to 450 F. Coconut oil also has blood sugar and thyroid stabilizing properties, increases healthy HDL cholesterol and supports a healthy immune system. Coconut oil is also great for DIY beauty ticks and smells like a vacation in a jar!

Avoid White Sugars/Starches: I love chocolate and I will never forsake a bowl of pasta but that being said, I avoid refined sugars and starches 80% of the time.  Plenty of amazing sweet tooth substitutes abound so life can still stay just as sweet. And seriously, coconut rolled date bars taste just like fudge!

These three switch-a-roos are super easy adjustments with hard hitting health benefits. What healthful tips and tricks do you use with your family?
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