Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodwill Hunting

I love me some bargain shopping. Luckily, I have a CCA and a Goodwill close by and nothing excites me more than the allure of finding some treasure in another man's trash. Seriously, before you shop for the perfect shelf filler, basket or framed art-check out your local resale shop. While I rarely find clothing that works as everyday wear, I ALWAYS find amazing costume materials. Furniture is also a bargain at resale shops and since most of the items are from by gone eras, the quality craftsmanship can't be beat by today's particle board standards.

This recent trip was only "for looksies" and boy did it kill me not to take a few of these guys home. I found this amazing glass dome just begging to have a cake to call home.  You seriously cannot buy this for $4 anywhere else, even Walmart glass domes are paper thin and $20.

I actually picked this little guy up several times, put him down, considered hiding him and then sulked off all by my lonesome. I know Eli is only 7 months old but someday he will need a timeout chair and how perfect would this be????  I would paint him a high gloss aqua and love him forever and ever {and if by some miracle he is still there next week, I'm making him mine!}.

Art is always interesting at the resale shop. While I did find an amazingly horrendous Tex-Mex inspired piece for the "Dashboard Cowboy" acquaintance, I also found this perfectly posh and dapper 1960's style vacation poster art. Kinda makes me want a martini just looking at it.

This silverware basket would make for a great detail shot at an outdoor wedding or event. I hope someone takes her home and loves her up!

And these chairs are perhaps the most impressive find. These Haverty's chairs retail for $250 a pop. At the CCA they are the low low price of $79. Even though they were in amazing shape as they were, for that price even with a  reupholster charge this is STILL a great value for a custom piece.

Resale shopping is definitely hit or miss-you have to shop early, frequently and with low expectations but when you find a gem it really pays out!
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