Monday, April 1, 2013

Our First Easter As A Family of Three

Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

While Easter is my absolute favorite Christian holiday, this Easter was especially meaningful to us since we are now a true family. Eli's first Easter was everything I could have hoped for, a weekend spent with family celebrating the risen king!

The Saturday before Easter we helped prepare the church yard for Sunday's Easter egg hunt. I wheeled Eli around in his stroller while weeding the church yard and Eli soaked up all the new sights and sounds. I'm so thankful for our church family! I've attended the same church since since I was 15 years old and I love how close we have all become.

Sunday morning before church we exchanged Easter baskets. I made Eli's keepsake Easter basket and filled it with his first bible and Easter bunny and a set of Eric Carle flashcards.

I've made Hubs an Easter basket since the first year I met him. This year's basket included two craft beer glasses {he brews his own}, a can of silly string and a whoopee cushion because he loves to play jokes on others and plenty of candy to satisfy his sweet tooth. I also made several small cheese cracker Easter carrots and small bags of Oreos to add to the mix.

This year also marked the first year that Michael made ME an Easter basket. Michael is the most generous man I have ever known, he is the first to volunteer to help someone in need and he is always the first to start and the last to finish when it comes to doing chores or lending a hand. For all of his wonderful qualities, remembering to make Easter baskets has never been his strong suit. I know this about him and I love him all the same but this year he made it his personal mission to give me the best Easter basket he could think of. My Easter basket goodies included local comb in honey, some loose leaf tea from Tevana, a Lush massage bar {this man volunteers to give me rub down-I hit the jackpot with him} and a few goodies from Bath and Body Works as well as some fancy chocolate. I married a good egg!

We love our church and I feel like our church always has a great service. The members of this congregation have hearts for God and the spirit of worship always fills the room. While the building is small our love of the Lord is huge and I'm so proud of our church family!

During communion our Priest asked to speak with me after the service and I received bittersweet news that our wonderful youth pastor was taking a position in a new town. Both he and Father Henry asked that I take charge of an opportunity to lead our youth and while my heart says "yes" my mind is full of self doubt. The truly amazing thing about this turn of events is that just the day before I had a discussion with Michael about what our we thought our gifts of the spirit were. I told him that I felt my spirit gift is the ability to provide counsel to those in trouble and as God would have it, less than 24 hours later I was asked to step into a counseling role for our church youth.
The Lord certainly does have a way with timing, but next time I think I'll choose being a billionaire as my "spirit gift". In all seriousness, I would certainly appreciate your prayers for me this week. Specifically, please pray that I will have peace and clarity regarding how I can take on this new role. While my first inclination was not "no" but "how?", I am still struggling to learn the ropes as a new mom and I often feel overwhelmed and under prepared.

 After the service Eli joined in on the fun with his first Easter egg hunt! Afterwards we met my sister and her boyfriend for lunch at my parent's house.

Nana and Pop spoiled Eli with an Easter basket full of goodies and we all enjoyed good wine and a great meal. We ended our perfect day with a few rounds of Mexican Train before heading back home to watch the season finale of Walking Dead {Team Daryl over here}. 

This Easter will always be close to my heart and I hope that you and yours had a very Happy Easter as well. May the peace of the Lord be with you all!
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