Friday, June 21, 2013

Lazy Days of Summer

I've spent the last few days fully enjoying the summer while the weather is still tolerable. While I LOVE Texas, it's hot here ya'll! Seriously, our highs have been in the 90's this week and it's only going to get hotter from here on out.

This week also marked the first time I spent a night away from my baby boy. For the past 9 months I have never been away from Eli for longer than 4 hours at a time. So while I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself or the free time {cut to image of me on the couch watching HGTV while holding and deeply inhaling baby E's blanket} I did enjoy the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes "nothing" is just the "something" you need as a Mama.

I took advantage of my free day and made plans to visit a good friend from my college days. She recently had the most adorable preemie twin boys and I spent my morning preparing a lasagna for her new family before heading out to Denton to drop off a meal and catch up. I think dropping off a meal is one of the best things you can do for a new mom. Our church family and friends dropped off meals to us and it was such a blessing! I remember feeling so overwhelmed during those first few weeks that even though I wanted help {and NEEDED help}I didn't know how to ask or what to ask for. It felt like there were so many things to do that taking the mental time to figure out how to have help was just one more thing to manage. I'm also a big fan of just showing up and holding those babies so that the new mom can just do nothing for a second or heck, maybe even take a shower or use the restroom with the door closed. Seriously, the best shower I have ever had in my entire life was the 2 min quickie I took 8 days after Eli was born {yes, EIGHT DAYS!}.

Of course no trip to Denton would be complete without stopping by the Denton Square. I love the heart of this little town and I can spend an entire day just sitting in the shade of the courthouse, windowing shopping the dozens of unique storefronts and searching for treasure at the Mini Mall.

Seriously, the Mini Mall is pure nostalgia. I love seeking out the perfect shelf candy or long forgotten knick knack from my childhood. I can't even tell you how many early childhood memories I have recalled just by searching through the odds and ends in this store. Plus it smells like my Nana!

On my way back home I stopped by the local health food store and farmer's market to pick up some locally grown, organic fruits and veggies. I love making Eli's food and supporting local farmers is just the cherry on top! I purchased the "Fresh Squeezed" system from Target and I love the results. While I wish the food pouches were reusable {I plan on reusing mine anyway} it really is an easy food storage system for those who make their own baby food. No more prying baby puree from the ice cube tray!

I've also spent a good chunk of my time tending to my garden, handpicking hornworms and grasshoppers and doing my best to raise a bumper crop.

I'm also preparing for Eli's 1st birthday this September by getting a head start on a few sewing and craft projects. I am making 50 feet of pennant banner bunting to decorate the yard, paper mache circus animals, and carnival style games for everyone to enjoy. My goal is to spend no more than $200 for the whole shebang so lots of DIY crafts are one the agenda!  I'm also planning on making a picnic blanket as his birthday present. Kinda a built in incentive to spend lazy summer days sprawled out on the square!


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