Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Denton Community Splash Park!

Ya'll know I LOVE Denton. It was the city I snuck away to in middle school {Oh, Karma Cafe you are missed}, where I attended college, where I married my love and had my first baby! So naturally, anything to improve this city is very near and dear to me.

Denton has a ton to offer but it doesn't have a free community splash park. You know someplace cool you can go with the kids when it's hotter than heck and doesn't cost a cent. To help achieve this goal, I'm donating my commission to help raise funds for the Denton Community Splash Park!

Shop with a clear conscious, you're doing some good!

And just in case you ever wondered if I'm the type of mother to use my adorable baby to get what I want. Well, wonder no more-you're dang right I am! I mean come on?! Look at him, just so happy to be near the water. Don't you wanna give him a water park?

I knew you'd want to! It's too hot in Texas for a baby boy to be without a place to splish and splash. I'm joining other bloggers like the lovely Miss Courtney over at OmNonMoms to raise money and awareness for The Denton Community Splash Park. I'll be hosting a Pampered Chef fundraiser to raise funds, every cent of my commission will be donated to help get this project off the ground.
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