Monday, February 10, 2014

The Cat's Outta The Bag {The Bun is in The Oven}

That's right, folks! This Mama is baking up another bun and we couldn't be more excited. So to start things off short and sweet, I'm doing a little round up of my favorite baby products {since baby is on the brain and all}. These gifts and gadgets make great "go to" gifts for first time parents or long time pros. And Amazon makes the ease of gift giving just a click away, nothing like shopping in your pj's with a warm cup of joe.

The following links are affiliated with my Amazon Store-which means that if you choose to purchase from the link, I'll get a small portion of the proceeds {you are still purchasing through Amazon with all their benefits and shipping perks}. I appreciate you helping me make this blog a way to support my little family!

The WubbaNub
These cute and inventive pacifiers are our No.1 gift for new parents. As a first time mom, I initially balked at the price, $15 for a pacifier?! Don't they GIVE those away with every "new parent" store promo? The answer is "No". They give away pacifiers, but not WubbaNubs and therein lies the difference. WubbaNubs are part toy, part soothie and 100% blessing for the new parent who is too exhausted to search for the lost paci in the sea of swaddling blankets. These lil suckers stay on your baby's chest, in their grasp and in the rare event they ever do fall to the floor they almost always land paci side up. That's like a little slice of heaven for this OCD Mama.

The Fresh Squeeze Station
I've blogged about my love of this product over here, and I'm still smitten with this little gadget. Not only are pre-made food pouches full of preservatives, often laden with larva (yikes!), and in general just too budget busting for this gal-DIY food pouches allow YOU to control and customize what your little one eats. That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

SebaMed Baby Wash
My mom picked this up for us on a CostCo run and I'm so glad she did. Eli has struggled with eczema and skin sensitivity since the day he was born and after trying every pot and potion under the sun, this stuff just works. It also smells fantastic too. Get a bottle for yourself, trust me.
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