Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Recap

Yay for LOVE y'all! I know Valentine's Day can seem like a "Hallmark" holiday but I truly love the Christian roots of this wonderful, love filled, day. While some may view this day as a requirement to throw down mad cash for the ones they love, I've always enjoyed taking a simpler approach like making a special breakfast for your sweetie or taking the extra step of mailing your Valentine's by post. Small acts of love that show thoughtfulness always mean more to me than a fancy dinner out or flowers and chocolate ever could.

Valentine's Day has played a pivotal part in my love story with hubs, he sent me an amazing care package that arrived ON Valentine's Day while we were still in the "just talking" phase. It meant so much to me that I still have the card and small mementos from it. Michael lovingly boxed up fancy chocolates, dark chocolate dipped fortune cookies with sweet little notes inside, a mixed CD that has the BEST love compilation I have ever heard, a very sweet card and a couple of chocolate coins. He had no way of knowing that chocolate coins remind me of my childhood {it's an Italian/Catholic tradition to give gold coins or chocolate coin candy to your loved ones on Feast days. Those coins were the sweetest little addition that just made me fall even more madly in love with the man I had only met on vacation for a handful of days before flying back home.

I usually start our Valentine's Day celebrations with serving chocolate chip heart shaped pancakes for breakfast but this year Michael had an early meeting so he received heart shaped "egg in a hole" and bacon instead. Eli and I also managed to sneak a special treat into Michael's briefcase before he left. These are the small gestures that I love about Valentine's Day, just sweet and simple acts that show how much you love someone. We usually don't keep sugary snacks in the house so discovering Oreos in your briefcase goes a long way around these parts.

After years of fighting the dinner crowd hustle and bustle, the over-priced "set" menus and the general factory feel that can sometimes come with this day of love, Michael and I like to stay in and go out for dinner on another night. I actually purchased steaks, fresh green beans and supplies to make baked potatoes for a fancy dinner in but dang it if by the time dinner time came around I was just too beat to cook. So Michael whipped out his phone and ordered Chinese take-out for two which we ate while watching "House of Cards" of Netflix. That's romance "new parent" style, y'all!

While we don't do anything "over the top" on the gift front, {we have babies to pay for and college ain't cheap} we did exchange a few tokens of our affection. Michael came home with some beautiful red tulips which are my favorite florist flower. Technically, daffodils are my favorite flower but those usually aren't available for purchase and frankly, buying them makes me a little sad. Those spring beauties deserve to spend their hard earned glory in the ground and soaking up the sun.

Eli gave his Daddy his first attempt at coloring along with his hand print in a frame for the office. Michael thinks we have a little Pollock on our hands!

 I gave Michael a floor mat for the garage and sent his valentines to the "love cities" of the USA for speciality Valentine's Day cancellations. In case you didn't know, a super special way to send your valentines while supporting the US Postal Service is to mail your valentines inside a sealed envelope to the PostMaster for re-mailing. Cities with names like Romance {Arizona}, Loving {Texas and Colorado} and Loveland {Oklahoma} have a special Valentine's themed postmark which they will stamp onto your envelopes before sending them on their way. You can find a list of cities which do this here.

So that was our Valentine's Day, I'm off to make chocolate chip pancakes, no sense wasting a perfectly lazy Saturday morning. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day celebrating love with the ones you love!

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