Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 5 of the 25 Days of Christmas

I have a few treasured memories of Christmas past, among these recollections of the childhood magic that is Christmas is the tradition of baking Christmas cookies. Growing up, we made sugar cookies but since gingerbread in such a common occurrence in our home, we baked gingerbread cookies.

In previous years, I've made a gingerbread playdough for Eli to pretend bake but this year he was old enough for the real deal. So out came the mixing bowls, measuring cups and spices and away we went. Eli was so excited to roll out his own dough and cut out the shapes. He especially enjoyed cutting out the gingerbread men. For some reason he just couldn't stop laughing over each little man being formed and he even named a few. Apologies for his blurry picture, he was also "Batman" at the time. Fact: heroes bake cookies.

We later decorated each precious cookie and Eli helped by declaring which candies were placed and what colors to use. We've had so much fun handing out plates of cookies to our friends and anticipating leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. In the blink of an eye Eli will be too old for these sweet moments and I'm savoring every second I have with him during this innocent, fleeting time.

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