Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween Decorating with Dollar Tree Items

I've loved the fun finds at Dollar Tree for many years. I've found their holiday decorations to be inventive, on trend and always within budget. That said, many of their seasonal items are on the smaller scale. Since these items only cost a buck, scale is something that is often on the small side. This year I wanted to do something BIG but I still had a teeny, tiny, budget to keep. It only took a few minutes of daydreaming in the aside to realize I could make a huge impact for just $3 with a tomatoe cage, a laundry bag, a skeleton door hanger and a spider web. Here's how I pulled it all together:

Dollar Tree skeleton door hanger
Dollar Tree spider web
Dollar Tree black laundry bag
Tomato cage

Tak your tomato cage and turn it upside down before gathering the legs and securing them with tape.

Next, cut a hole in the center of the laundry bag and slip in over the gathered prongs of the tomatoe cage. Repeat this same process with the spider web material to create a creepy looking grim reaper robe 

The final stepstep are to attach the skeleton door hanger to the tomato cage. I just wove the hanger around the tomato cage prongs but securing with tape would help keep things more wind proof.

To finish off our graveyard scene, I grabbed a few tombstones and skeleton fences to complete our spooky entryway. All in all, this entire yard scape came in at $17. Not bad for seasonal decor which can be used year after year.

Happy Haunting, Y'all!

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